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About Us

Our Story

We are a small cattery in Olympia, Washington.  Our goal is to produce very loving and social cubs to add to your family.  After I got my first Cheetoh, I became very interested in the breed and began studying them.   I was involved in a car accident over 3 years ago and continue to suffer a mild traumatic brain and back injury.  I spent most of my days at the doctors going through physical  and brain therapy sessions.  I was depressed and in pain almost every day.   After 2 years of this, I wanted to give up.  That's when something wonderful happened.  I decided to surprise my wife with a couple kittens for our anniversary.  Not just any kittens...one was a Lynx and the other was a Bengal. 

About Cheetohs

The Cheetoh comes from the crossing of specific registered cats from the Ocicat's and specific registered cats from Bengal breeds. The Cheetoh has true jungle linage from the Asian Leopard cat and is a very muscular cat that is athletic, graceful . The Cheetoh has a stalking, low-shouldered walk that is common both in the Ocicat and the wild jungle cats, but is not typically exhibited in other domestic cats. The spotted and/or rosette spotted appearance with the large eyes and ears, enhances this distinctive wild look. The coat of the Cheetoh, sleek and shiny, is another of its distinguishing attributes. The fur is very short and thick, yet soft and velvety and is quite similar in nature to the fur of the jungle cats. 

Our Cats

Please check out our cats!  We have a page for our Queens and our kings and the best of all a page for our available kittens! On our kitten page is a copy of our contract for read over.  Feel free to ask any questions you have regarding anything in the contract.  We are very willing to discuss any concerns you have.   Keep in mind we do not just adopt cats to anyone.  We do ship out of state, but not out of the USA.  

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Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your furever friend or to ask any questions. 

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