Olympia, Washington 98503, United States


Our Queens



Ariel is one of our amazing Cheetoh Queens.  She is a black spotted Cheetoh and has the softest fur.  She loves to play fetch and will bring it back to you every time for more fun.  Ariel is a head turner and her cubs will be too.



Belle is another of our beautiful Cheetoh Queens.  She is a brown spotted girl with a long body and long legs.  Belle loves to fish for goldfish and enjoys a good climb  on the cat tree. 



Tiana is our very unique Bengal Queen.  She is a Chocolate Mink .  She is one of my favorites, and her personality is amazing.  She follows me everywhere and will yell for me if I am "lost".  By far she is the biggest lover in the group.  I am hopeful that the trait carries over to her cubs.